The thing that’s bugging me SO MUCH right now about tumblr is they’re not focusing on the context of this filibuster: they don’t realize the immediate impact of this bill passing on thousands of people, people in the part of Texas where I’m from. They just see Wendy  Davis being a badass. They don’t know why it’s so important that Wendy Davis is the one who does it—because the other female Democratic senators are pro-life. Because she is immediately impacted by this, she was married, had a baby, and was divorced by 19.

Like it’s fine to say all of the things people are saying “Go Wendy” or whatever… but it’s SO FRUSTRATING because Wendy Davis represents a district that was gerrymandered to hell in 2012, she stood up for education in 2011, and she declined to run for US Senate because she was interested in representing her district. Wendy Davis is LITERALLY the only person in the Texas Senate who is “qualified” (in that she has a uterus, and young women as daughters), and who believes her viewpoint. Literally. The only one who can represent the women of Texas.

It’s all good and well that y’all think she’s great (because she’s fantastic), but it’s even more important to know who she is fighting for, and why she’s fighting.

She’s fighting for the hundreds of thousands of women who live far from Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. Those of us who have been told outright, to our faces that our parts of Texas “don’t matter.” That there’s no point in trying out there.

Our Senators and Representatives in West Texas will never say anything in opposition. And as I’m still registered to vote in Texas, Wendy Davis is representing me, Amber, of Amarillo, Texas. Age 22. College graduate, who could not support a child.

Kel Seliger is sitting in that room, and he’s doing nothing. He will vote in favor of this bill. And he’s the one who technically represents me.

But like thousands of other Texas women…Wendy Davis is the only person who is representing me and my interests as they pertain to the Texas Legislature.

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Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.
― Voltaire (via bookriot)
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taylor swift in the style of e.e. cummings

i remember when we broke up

the first time
saying, “this is it, i’ve had enough,”

‘cause like
we hadn’t seen each other in a month
when you

said you




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